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Bevelander & Petersson, 2014 đź”—

”Crisis, oh that crisis!” : The Financial Crisis and its Impacts on Migration in Europe

Year: 2014

Type of text: Bokkapitel i Crisis and Migration (2014)

Published by:  Nordic Academic Press

Language: Engelska

Author: Pieter Bevelander and Bo Petersson

Pages: 16

Available at:

Short description of text

The discourses of the crisis in the Euro zone and how they are inaccurately “geared towards addressing the crisis as a protracted but acute phenomenon that eventually will come to pass” when it may not necessarily pass” (9) , and most importantly how this inaccurate description of the crisis is so much in tension with the formation of immigration policies and the inability to face challenges such as the need for labour and the increasing populist, nationalist, and racist politics. The article also argues that in times of crisis theory of identity explains how individuals or groups put the blame on others for that failure which also forms the politics of othering.

Most important results

The article argues that the crisis might be “a symptom of long-term, chronic decline of the European Union in relation to other parts of the world” (9). 

Perspectives/theoretical framework

Financial crisis



Summarized by: Hammam Skaik