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Tucker, 2018 đź”—

Sweden’s Temporary Asylum Law and the Indefinite Statelessness of Refugee 

Ă…r: 2018

Typ av text: Vetenskaplig artikel

Publicerad av:  Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration 7 (2): 21-36

SprĂĄk: English

Författare: Jason Tucker 

Antal sidor: 15

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The article problematizes the Swedish migration laws on citizenship acquiring and the unclear criteria for determining statelessness and identity requirements, and thereby access to citizenship.

Viktigaste resultat

The new temporal law is argued to prolong the uncertainties of asylum seekers and the uncertainties of life conditions especially for the stateless people. It extends uncertainties and creates more limbos and undeportabilities. 

The restrictions on access to permanent residency and naturalization enacted by the temporary law, if not managed carefully and accurately, will cause endless statelessness and limbo for stateless refugees..

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Policy analysis

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