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Zelano, 2018 đź”—

Balancing informality and need – policy responses to informal East-West migration in Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden

Ă…r: 2018

Typ av text: Academic article

Publicerad av: Policy Studies

SprĂĄk: English

Författare: Karin Zelano

Antal sidor: 36

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“The article provides an analysis of policy responses to mobile EU citizens without legal residence in the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. A comparative case study design uses qualitative survey and interview data to identify national and local policy responses to the implications of EU citizens from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) living without legal residence in the aforementioned countries. The theoretical framework specifies how the institutional logic of welfare regimes is likely to generate policy responses that address need, sanction informality or do both. The choice indicates the priority given to redistributive outcomes, administrative procedures, or both” (2). 

Viktigaste resultat

“The results reveal similar responses to those implications relating to the labour market, but slightly different approaches to the implications in the social domain. Policy responses to labour market implications have predominantly focused on sanctioning informality. Swedish and Austrian policy responses in the social domain have focused on addressing need. Dutch policy responses to social issues instead focused on sanctioning informality, prioritizing procedure. The results indicate that local and national policy responses to implications of informal intra-EU migration may be fruitfully understood through the prism of welfare regimes and related approaches to need and informality” (2).

Perspektiv/teoretiska begrepp

Intra-EU mobility; social policy; labour market policy; welfare state; informality

Metoden för studien

Policy analysis

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